Bespoke Composition

Bespoke Composition

Give birth to tailor-made, original music specifically designed to align with your unique brand identity, objectives, or project requirements.

$ 2,500.00 USD
$ 5,800.00 USD

About the service

Custom-made music with Memento will reflect your unique vision through:

  • Custom-made music: Create exclusive, original music, ensuring a unique sound that reflects your project and vision.
  • Collaboration and alignment: We guarantee close cooperation between the composer and you to attain your project goals.
  • Enhanced user experience: The use of tailor-made music is impactful and allows a memorable experience for your audience.

Experience the perfect blend of music composition and collaborative innovation, elevating your brand uniquely.

What’s included?

Memento's Composition and Recording service crafts bespoke music to meet your specific needs, with professional recording ensuring high-quality sound:

  • Creative iterations: Comprehensive discussions to understand their vision and objectives and set a creative direction.
  • Composition and production: Professional composers and producers utilize various instruments, styles, and techniques to achieve the desired sound and energy.
  • Revisions and finalization: Fine-tuning to align with expectations, guaranteeing a seamless user experience prior to delivering the refined composition.

Discover the power of tailored music compositions to resonate with your vision.